Representing and Storing Data

Week 1: Bitmap Images and Vector Graphics

The theme for this week is Bitmap images

We have covered to categories of Graphics:

  • Bitmap images

  • Vector graphics

You can read the previous 2 lessons to remind you of the concepts we have covered.

To consolidate this learning, this week we are going to use Doddle interactive presentation / activities and quizzes.

Note you need to have Flash installed in your browser, 99% of them do already. If it isn't the case, please check how to install it; it is simple enough.

FundamentalBitmap Graphics

The first week is just a summary of what we have covered on Bitmap images, but using interactive activities

  1. Follow this link and follow the presentation, you will need to login to Doddle by following this Link if you don't use this link you may not be able to login on Doddle !!

  2. Follow this animation about bitmaps and pixels.

  3. Do this activity. Once completed, upload it to Google classroom and upload this file on: Week 1 assignment.

  4. Do the quiz assigned on Doodle.

If for whatever reason the links above to Doddle don't work go directly to Doddle all the above tasks are already set in there.


All the work has been already assigned in Doddle. Please, follow the order set.

ReminderGet in touch

Remember that we are be available online during the lesson time, so ask us questions by email .. but not before you have tried yourself.

Please remember to add your form in the email's subject: e.g. 8N it helps me organising my inbox

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