Introduction to Programming

Week 1: Dancing routine - Beginner

FundamentalBefore you start doing the classwork

Click on this link

Click on Get Started

Click on I'm Student

Select Sign in with Google

You will have your account display here (this is my account that is why it shows my name).

Select your account and enter your username and password for your Google accounts.

What is it?

Animate your own pictures on the micro:bit display.

ReminderOpen the Microbit editor

You will need to visit this website to the work: Microbit Makecode

Once you are there, click on New Project.

You have done this already many times !!

ExtraVideo explaining the task

MethodHow it works

  1. This program creates an animation on the micro:bit's LED display output by using an image you create yourself.

  2. First it shows the duck built-in image and then shows a modified version, which moving all the dots (pixels) down one row.

  3. It shows the two different pictures one after the other, with a half second (500 millisecond) delay, to make it look like a duck bobbing up and down on the water.

  4. An infinite loop keeps the micro:bit showing the image sequence until you unplug the micro:bit.

  5. Using loops in computer programmes is also known as iteration. They help you create efficient compact code without needlessly repeating the same instructions.

WarningTask 1. Improve it

  1. Try modifying and animating different built-in images like GIRAFFE and RABBIT.

  2. Create your own images from scratch using graph paper to sketch out your designs.

  3. Make longer animated sequences to tell a story.

ReminderUpload your work on your google classroom

Watch these two videos to remind you on how to do this.

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