Introduction to Programming

Week 1: Snap the Dot - Intermediate

FundamentalBefore you start doing the classwork

Click on this link

Click on Get Started

Click on I'm Student

Select Sign in with Google

You will have your account display here (this is my account that is why it shows my name).

Select your account and enter your username and password for your Google accounts.

Snap the dot is a game of skill where the player has to press A exactly when the dot reaches the center of the screen.

This tutorial shows how to use the game engine.

ExtraVideo explaining the task

ReminderOpen the Microbit editor

You will need to visit this website to the work: Microbit Makecode

Once you are there, click on New Project.

You have done this already many times !!

FundamentalCreate a sprite

FundamentalMove the dot


NoteTest and download

Use the simulator to find the best speed.

FundamentalButton handling

FundamentalScore and game over


Try your game now, your game is ready!

WarningImprove it

Can you add a function that tells the player the score by pressing the Button B?

ReminderUpload your work on your google classroom

Watch these two videos to remind you on how to do this.

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