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As a warm up exercise, go through the tasks in this webpage: http://games.thinkingmyself.com

Follow the instructions bellow to create your first scratch program

WarningCatch the critters game

This is the flowchart representation of the if statement.

This is an example of selection. That means that an algorithm only runs if something happens first.

This Algorithm says that IF the parrot is touching hungry then he will hide move and show.

In Pseudocode it looks like this:

IF touching hungry then


wait 3 seconds

Go to x:40 y:random (200 to 200)


An iteration (a loop) is a piece of code that repeats, either several times or constantly.

This loop makes the parrot flap his wings like so

In pseusodocode it would look like this


switch to costume a

wait 1 second

switch to costume b

wait 1 second

Until game ends